Free Stuff

This section is a bit of a cheat if I’m honest. If you came looking for free downloads or for competitions and coupons you’re out of luck. However if you’re a fellow blog owner stay with me for a minute or two.

I’m looking for opportunities to promote Shards of China, which I’d eventually like to make a pro-blog (and I have some ideas for how this will work in the future). Until that time I’d be happy to write guest blog pieces for your blog for free.

My only conditions are:

  • It will have to be on my timescale so if you have a really tight deadline contact me as soon as you can to see if I can help. Mail:
  • I’ll only consider pieces of 4-600 words, if you want a free novel then I’m not the blogger for you
  • As I live here in China, I won’t write pieces that are likely to upset the local authorities – these include those that deal with all aspects of Chinese politics, human rights, etc.
  • Your blog should either be non-profit with a readership of more than 100 people per day, or a for profit blog with a readership of more than 1,000 people per day
  • I’ll only write about topics related to China, if you want me to write on other things I’d be happy to – at my usual professional rates
  • You have to give me a three line plug for ShardsofChina at the end of the piece which will include a link to my home page
  • I am happy for you to edit these articles anyway you like – but you shouldn’t add any controversial content without my consent, mainly because I live in China and I’d like it to stay that way

Contact me by e-mail if you want to take me up on this. Cheers, Nick.

2 thoughts on “Free Stuff”

  1. How would you like to write a guest post of between 400 and 600 words about your marriage experience for I read the first one you had on the topic.

    Is it possible to fit the entire exprience in one post of this size?

    • Hi Lloyd, It will take me a couple of weeks as I have quite a few commitments at the moment, can you send me your e-mail address to the e-mail address on this page so I can send you a draft when it’s ready? Cheers, Nick

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