I’m not dead but I am on a long break from Shards of China at the moment. My new blog; http://aroundtheworldin257countries.wordpress.com is launching this evening at 22:00 (China Time). Certain events in my life require me to put writing about China on hold for the moment. I will be adding some content a little later this month that links out to some writing I’ve done about Malaysia – it’s not quite clear to me yet whether this will be published in English, Putonghua or both. Whichever it is I’ll keep you informed.

I’m writing a couple of other China blogs at the moment but thanks to client confidentiality – I can’t tell you which ones.

Shards of China

The Shards of China photo returns to the front page.

I expect to pick up Shards again in a couple of months. Apologies for this but at the moment I really can’t focus much more on the blog. I’m sure you’ve all noticed that I haven’t written anything recently any way. I will be updating on some more of my life developments on here at that time too. Thank you to any of my loyal readers who are stilll paying attention. Back soon, I promise.