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In years gone by it was common for Arab tribes to strengthen the bloodline by attacking rival groups and making off with their women. It was also Genghis Khan’s strategy as he sought to make Mongolia a world power (of sorts), kill the men – keep the women. These women could become highly prized brides and treasured wives, but more often than not they were for one purpose – brood mares.

If current trends continue the Chinese chap may need a gold medal in order to get a date.

One of the major concerns facing the Chinese man (and in fact men from many Asian nations) is the shortage of women. From the one child policy to sexually selective abortion, women in Asia are becoming severely outnumbered by men. In China this is because sons are expected to support their families in later life, and daughters are expected to leave home and look after their new husband’s family. The one child policy thus provides a great incentive to produce male children, as there are no second chances available to many Chinese families.

However, this leaves a serious problem in its wake. In the next generation of Chinese men there will be 10’s of millions who will be unable to find a partner. Is it possible that the next world war will not be for water or oil but for women?

I think it’s unlikely but there is already strong evidence that Chinese men are getting desperate. There have reports of human trafficking with women being snatched from poorer neighbouring countries (in particular North Korea where it is highly likely that this trafficking is being sanctioned from Pyongyang) and dragged into China for forced marriages to lonely men.

That better not be what I think it is young man, or it’s coming off…

In this theme, I’d like to explore the possible effects of the gender gap on Chinese culture and also some extreme scenarios that may offer solutions to the social issues that will arise. Unlike many of my other themes, much of this will be purely speculative – some of these scenarios are very unlikely to ever be accepted or promoted, others… well, who knows?

I’m back in writing mode now and I’m looking forward to picking up several themes again this month, I’ll be back on the Chinese economy as well as moving forward with the virtual tour. Apologies for the break in service, but it was a necessity rather than a whim. I’m back.

I’m also going to be launching another blog later this month, which will be called Bobbing For Words – it’s not going to be as focused as Shards, it’s intended to be a portfolio piece for my writing as well as offer hints, tips, etc. for new writers (and inform and educate potential clients).