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Actually I may be lying when I say real reporting but in fairness this is the first time since the Cook report where I’ve come across a simple piece of investigative journalism, over a relatively trivial matter, that’s resulted in violence against the journalists.

Pssstttt... wannna buy some squid? Only a few days out of date? Yummy. Discount? What do you mean discount? Get out - you heathen...

The bold reporters from Southern Metropolis Daily, headed to Renrenle – a Chinese supermarket chain, to prove claims from customers that they were stocking produce that is past sell-by. It was, so instead of perhaps purchasing the goods and taking a few photos – our heroes decided to stuff the offending products into carrier bags instead. Unsurprisingly, shop staff saw this as an act of shoplifting.

The two men were “beaten about the chest” and the police were called and those doing the beating were subsequently hauled off to jail. I like the comment from the marketing department that essentially says; “Skanking our customers is inevitable, we sell so many products that we can’t take any responsibility for them.” As being sold out of date crap is a daily occurrence in Shenzhen, I’m more puzzled why they had to go all the way to Longzhu to find a supermarket pulling this stunt.

They could just take a walk around Louhu and find fifty stores that do this daily, my favourite was the store trying to sell a loaf of bread that must have been about 3 weeks past sell by – as it was now just a bag of wet soggy mould.

A better headline for this piece would be – idiots get the kicking they so richly deserve…

I’m also a fan of the well researched piece featuring an industry professional that adds keen insight into our understanding of a city or country. Sadly Shenzhen Daily has no idea how to write one of these – so we’re left with this quality example of a “what I did on my holidays” essay instead.

In essence Darian Gier has lived in China for 18 months and in that time he’s found a favourite restaurant, and his “keen sense of observation” leads him to conclude; “I witnessed things happening at this time.” – as opposed to walking around with your eyes, ears and nose taped shut?