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I’m always amazed by the lack of quality reporting in the world’s media – but today I’m going to pick on China Daily specifically. Mainly because they’ve touched on one of my themes again whilst completely failing to report anything useful…

Theme: Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) – Dazed and Confused


My second piece for China Daily will be entitled; "The great wall - it's really long."

Am I missing something here? This article which appears in the China Daily heralds the amazing moment when one single piece of TCM finally becomes legal in the EU – that’s the first ever TCM compound to be legal in Europe (please ignore the practitioners who tell you otherwise). And umm… while they’ve gone into a whole shed load of detail regarding the impact of this news on the company. They seem to have neglected to mention one little thing, what the heck it is that this compound is supposed to do. Nice way to waste a few hundred words, China Daily.

In further non-news from this quality paper we have, “Iceland emerges as a dream destination for Chinese tourists” – which translates as less than 1% of 1% of the Chinese population have been there, and we suspect that that number is the same as the number of Chinese people who’ve heard of the country give or take 5 bodies.

I would like a job writing this kind of content – I think I could be very creative in delivering the “Nothing of interest whatsoever happened today.” message.

I’m thinking of submitting my first freelance piece entitled; “Chinese people. Yes, they eat a lot rice.” next week.