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Thank you all once again, it’s been another record breaking month on Shards of China – this month the site welcomed just over 15,000 visitors! Shards of China also finished the quarter on less than a hundred visitors short of 30,000 since the start of the blog and the start of the year.

Yes! The wall is back in this latest blog update. Shards of China is proud to bring you an image of China's most famous construction for the 20th time so far in 2012!

This last fortnight has been a little “all over the place” literally in the case of the just finished virtual tour of Anhui province, so if you’re new here and fancy learning about somewhere in China that’s relatively unheard of why not check it out?

Other than that I was rude to some English teachers and got the most commented piece on Shards of China so far, with another piece bemoaning the quality of British exports to China coming in a close second. In a slightly funnier piece I answered some of the burning questions that lead Google searchers to Shards of China.

I’m also going to launch in these updates a non-sponsored plug for one of the blogs on my blogroll each time I do one of these fortnightly thank you letters and round ups. So today I’d like to encourage you all to visit Nate’s blog – The Happiest Baby in the World. Nate’s here in China too, he lives out in the sticks and his job is to collect Panda poo. (No joke). His blog sparkles with wit and generosity, and has the added advantage of some of the best people pictures you’ll see on WordPress – his daughter Dee in a dinosaur costume is one of the cutest children ever.

The final bit of news is that this month also saw subscriber numbers go over 200 for the first time. I’d like to encourage you to subscribe to Shards of China if you like what you see here. You can do it from the menu on the left hand side, you’ll only be sent updates of posts and never any spam or marketing material.

Thank you again to all my readers for visiting Shards of China, and particular thanks go to my fellow bloggers who’ve added real insight and added their support to the community on here. Here’s to another great month. 🙂