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China’s meteoric rise to power has led to an over expansion of industrial centers in the country but without the careful consideration to tap in the tourist market that goes with it. Now the city of Fu Ling is offering free trips for the first 100 visitors to sign up below to witness the birth of industrial tourism.

This exciting opportunity is sponsored by a major electronics manufacturer of phones and tablet PCs, for this project they are operating under the code name of “bananas”.

The project manager Gi Gling said that; “This represents a great chance for bananas’ users to link up with the popular blog Shards of China and experience the marvels of Fu Ling at first hand.”

Some lucky winners may be able to take a free ride to our logistics operation where they can help load "bananas" products on to containers destined for rich Western families. Isn't that a fabulous opportunity?

“We’ve been working hard to develop an exciting holiday program that reflects a theme around China’s manufacturing strengths. Visitors will be welcomed by security and given a pat down search to make sure that their camera equipment and mobile phones can be properly stored for the duration of their tour.” she said.

“In addition”, she explained, “families will be able to select their favorite place on the production line and learn more about a keen target oriented environment. Those who succeed in making their piece-work quotas will be awarded a free “bananas” product at the end of the week. Those who do not will be allowed to engage in a fun-for-everyone-but-them walk of shame where a real Chinese manager will humiliate them in front of their more successful peers.”

“They’ll be able to experience the excitement of sleeping in communal dormitories that are piping hot in the Summer and freezing cold in the Winter for an authentic seasonal vacation. Other attractions include the amazing range of food served in the canteen and we expect guests to be wowed at the combinations of rice and cabbage we can whip up everyday. If they’re really lucky they may be able to taste the local delicacy of “congee” flavored with real chicken’s feet!”

“We’re confident that the stylish uniforms provided to guests won’t remind them of doing time in Alactraz as they’re now embroidered with the “bananas” logo! Top performers will be allowed to extend their experience of “real China” for as long as they like – in fact we’re sure we won’t let them go!”

There's plenty of room for you and everyone you know at Fu Ling. Come and enjoy 16 hour days, 6 days a week. There's nothing more satisfying than the knowledge of a sleep well-earned. Don't forget if you're good you might win a free "bananas" product and get to watch the "walk of shame" a firm favorite with all our staff *ahem* visitors.

“There will be plenty of opportunity to interact with the local community too as working weeks are only around 96 hours, so you’ll have plenty of time to relax and spend some of your valuable tourist dollars in our local tea house.”

“All you have to do to take advantage of this amazing offer, is to leave your name and contact details in the reply section to this blog. We’ll then send you a visa application pack and when you inform us that your visa is ready we’ll arrange transport for you and your family via UPS to Fu Ling where the fun never starts!” said Ms. Gling. “It’s the chance of a lifetime and we guarantee you’ll never forget this most special break from the norm!”