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I like the new WordPress country stats facility, and I’d just like to share – on the one month anniversary of its launch – the latest map with you. As you can see Shards of China gets visitors from all over the world, but there are some notable exceptions in large parts of Africa and Central Asia (I’m going to blame that on the lack of Internet access), South America (where I guess there are too many interesting things to do than access a website written in English about China) and then there’s Greenland (too cold to type?), and Papua New Guinea (maybe I should write about the history of cannibalism in China – if there is one).

For once it's a Shards of China update without that picture of the Great Wall, don't worry it will be back. I'm quite touched to note from the stats that I have even had a visitor from Burundi - sadly they didn't leave a comment for me to know whether they appreciated the joke about English teachers or not...

Oddly one of the places that Shards gets the least traffic from is China itself, and I guess that’s down to WordPress being blocked by the firewall so most viewers will be operating on an international IP address provided by a VPN.

And it’s clear from that dark orange that my best source of traffic is the United States, so maybe I should ensure every post is in American English? I tend to switch between that and “English” on here because I am English, but many of my clients are not.

For the other bloggers out there, I’d love to hear where your traffic comes from and whether we’ve got a complete map of the world colored orange between us?