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It’s time for that gut wrenching moment when I review the monthly stats, and I have to say this month was absolutely amazing here at Shards of China.

It's just not a Shards round up without this picture. 🙂

On the 18th of February I passed the 10,000 visitors of all-time mark (that’s since January the 1st) and at that point it looked like February wasn’t going to be long enough to break 10,000 visitors of its own. In fact I was predicting around 8,500 at the most based on daily traffic rates.

As I moved into the last week of February there was a sudden surge of search engine love – and in the end thanks to a record breaking February 28th with nearly 550 visitors, Shards of China celebrated its first ever 10,000 visitor month! I’d like to thank all my readers for this awesome statistic.

Since the last round up on the 16th of February I brought my theme on Traditional Chinese Medicine to a close, accidentally convinced my regular readers that I wouldn’t be blogging anymore (I will be blogging every day – I promise) and announced three new themes, and started to develop the first on China’s Economy which has seen fantastic levels of participation from readers.

As always it’s all down to you and I really am grateful to the community, that this blog serves, for all their readership and comments. 🙂

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