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I’m under a reasonable amount of pressure at the moment to deliver an enormous amount of work for several clients – this is good news as it means I’m getting paid and won’t be writing Shards of China on a stolen Starbucks napkin and pinning it to a passing pigeon for the foreseeable future at least. The down side of this is that I’m finding it hard to fit in writing a Shards piece every day and while I’m hoping next week will be slightly less busy than this week – if I can get away with it, I won’t be turning work down unless I genuinely can’t deliver because of prior commitments.

And here is my trusted friend, the Shards of China image - which I shall trot out faithfuly with every blog update

However I’m not going to spend any time feeling sorry for myself because it would be better spent working instead. With that in mind, I’m going to change my approach slightly for the next themes from Shards. I’m going to introduce a group of themes and then write about whichever one takes my fancy – so unlike the previous two I won’t continue on the same subject for a couple of weeks and then change, I shall flit between them as they take my fancy.

The new themes will start tomorrow and as I haven’t decided what particular order they’ll follow you’ll have to stick around to find out which one I’ll lead with.

So here’s what I’m going to cover:

Join me on a virtual tour of China..

Places in China – I haven’t actually travelled around that much in China, but I really want to so I’m going to do some research, and share some of my limited experiences with you

China’s Economy – You can’t really understand China until you get under the skin of some of the numbers that float around the media today and this appeals to my inner nerd


And while we meander through the Chinese economy let's be glad that this isn't our job...

Gender in China – This isn’t related to the sex and sexuality series apart from tangentially but I’d like to look at the roles of gender in Chinese society

I’m also going to keep hopping in and out of day to day life stuff, when I have something interesting to report – which given my current workload, may not be all that often for a few months. I’m good with that, it’s important to deliver my clients what they need at the moment and for me to stick a few squids (or RMB) in the bank too.