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It's been an amazing start to February and it's all down to you!

The post Valentine’s day blog figures are looking good, on the 14th of this month – Shards of China overhauled its total hits for January, had its first 500 visitor day and passed the 2,000 follower mark on Twitter!

So far this month I’ve launched a new theme, on Traditional Chinese Medicine, talked about a night time break in, my lovely wife and wrapped up the first theme Sex in China. The original Out of China material is now exhausted and I will be completing this series in the fullness of time as soon as I can get around to completing the material.

I’ve got to be honest, though there’s always going to be at least one post a day – it’s going to be challenging to put up much more, I’ve won a number of new customers over this month for my writing and I’ve been averaging 8,000 words a day in the last week (and some days it’s been more). Which is fantastic! I’d like to thank you – my readers for a lot of that as this blog is a portfolio piece and your interaction and support makes for a great reference. 🙂

My schedule’s not quite full though so if you know anyone looking to hire a writer let me know – here.

I’ve also launched my blogroll today to try and give great writers and photographers their due, I will be expanding this over the coming weeks so please don’t despair if you’re not on the list just yet.

There will almost certainly be a new theme coming before the end of the month, as I think there’s possibly another week’s worth of TCM to come and I’ll let you know, as soon as I know, what that’s going to be.

Have a great month folks, and thank you again for your continued support and readership.

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