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Thank you all, for reading, it really is much appreciated. 🙂

January was a great first month for the blog, and that’s all thanks to you the readers. In fact the figures made me really happy, nearly 60 posts, attracted over 4,000 hits, nearly 100 blog subscribers, over 1,000 Twitter (@ShardsofChina) followers and over 100 of you took the time out to comment on posts that interested you too! So a huge thank you to all of you, and I hope you’ll stay with me as we journey on through China.

Here’s a few of the things that seemed to interest people the most:

The first impressions series, while not complete (there’s more material to come on other places in China) this series took a look at Chengdu, Shenzhen and Hong Kong and my journey to get married in China. You can find all the details of the series here.

I launched the Themes in China, with a look at sex and sexuality in the Middle Kingdom, and this series has a lot more to come, but if you’re new to the blog or missed a couple of pieces you can find them here.

Unsurprisingly the pieces about Chinese New Year were a big draw, more of a surprise was the interest shown in food and drink with a post about a Muslim restaurant being a huge draw.

And then there’s the Out of China series, which details my first adventures in ex patria in Dubai, there’s a break in this today before it kicks off again tomorrow with a look at Egypt.

February is already underway and I’m pleased to say, that the readers appear to be staying with me – so thank you in advance for what promises to be another wonderful month.