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It's worth noting that male prostitution is no more legal in China than female prostitution and there are similar penalties for being caught.

The flip side of the second wife problem is that the divorce rate in China is through the roof. Many wives are less than happy that their rich husband is cavorting around town with a PYT and humiliating them in the process. So they file for divorce and under Chinese law, like most of the rest of the world, they get half of his assets and money.

But then they’re faced with a new problem, despite their wealth they are no longer considered attractive to Chinese men. In a country where youth is the prize, these women can’t offer that to their lovers. As divorcees they are low status women, if they have children too then there’s no hope of a new partner unless they are willing to find a foreigner who places no such restriction on his choice of lover.

However they still have needs and they are now in a position where they have the money to ensure that those needs are catered to.  Enter the duck, a new rank in the Chinese social hierarchy – a young attractive man, who sells his company and his body to these older ladies.

Of course not all male prostitutes cater to women, but a very large percentage do.

There are nightclubs dedicated to this kind of relationship where slow dancing music or even modern disco is played so that the duck can display his talents on the dance floor and the ladies can guess whether these translate into the bedroom.

A male prostitute is much luckier than his female counterpart; the going rate for a night of love is much, much higher when the provider is male. You wonder why these women don’t just go on holiday to the West where they could meet similar company for free and pay far less for the holiday than for a night’s passion in China.

In one case, known to me, a Western guy here was dating an attractive middle aged lady for nearly two years. In exchange she showered gifts upon him, paid for his apartment, gave him a very generous allowance (ESL teachers eat your heart out stuff) and then bought him a Ferrari. The Ferrari was his undoing, there’s nothing that women in China like more than the trappings of success and he found that his car brought him plenty of other girls, girls more like his own age too. So one day, he’s out and about with his bit on the side, a much younger lady than the one who paid for his motor. And he wraps it around a lamppost and ten minutes later there are pictures of him and his lover all over the media. His new found wealth disappeared a day later, and he had to leave China fairly rapidly too. A woman scorned and all that.

Not quite the Chippendales are they?

A friend of mine relates the story of a very rich woman he knows, that he uncharitably describes as the ugliest person he’s ever seen. This lady paid several million RMB to a German lover in exchange for him getting her pregnant (through natural means). Once she was “with child” she terminated the relationship.

It’s worth noting that the social stigma for a married woman who gets involved with a duck, is far worse than for a married man who gets involved with a hen (oh yes, the Chinese slang for female prostitute is “chicken”).  So while it does happen, these relationships tend to be much more discrete than the reverse.