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I started this blog for a whole host of reasons, to showcase my writing, to prove (to myself) that I could write on China in a way that engaged with readers, to share information about my experiences here and also to try and give a larger picture of China itself.

Three weeks in things are going pretty well, the overall trend of readers is up each day (though there occasional big dips in traffic too) and better still you, those self-same readers, are commenting and interacting with me for which I am very grateful.

So I thought I’d let you know where I’m heading for the near future:

I've been lucky enough to live in several other countries besides China. This Hill Fort is in the UAE, which is where I will start my Not In China series.

Away from China – I wrote a fairly long series of pieces previously about my other expatriate travels and tribulations. I have had quite a few requests for this material to be republished here and also from some of my other (new) readers in regards to my experiences outside China. So I’m going to rehash some of that, rewrite some of it, and extend it. So the aim is that from tomorrow onwards – I’ll have a “Not in China” post every day and possibly for a good long while as there’s quite a lot of material.


Behind the bus is one of Shenzhen's many adult stores - a topic I'm thinking about covering in the sex/sexuality in China theme.

Themes in China – I’m going to take occasional themes from China and run with them for a while, and then put them down for a long while. I’m thinking topics like sex and sexuality in China (not in a rude/crude way but more of a high-level discussion), doing business here, Chinese cultures, etc. I’d love to hear from you and what you’d like to see covered as topics for themes. I’d like to have one piece up daily around themes unless I’m covering something from one of the other China topics.

Shenzhen should be of interest to everyone, it's one of the largest cities in the world and growing...

Shenzhen – It’s home and I’m going to continue to write about it, including reviews of places, food, drinks, and everything else I can find. These aren’t likely to be daily (or I’ll run out of material by March) but are likely to be fairly regular.

First Impressions – While I’ve exhausted my first trip to China, there’s still more material here for places I’ve visited and things I’ve done. These are likely to be much less frequent but still regular enough to be worth mentioning.

It would really help if you’d let me know about things you’d like to see here or read about as well, after all it’s not much of a blog without readers is it?

The publishing schedule for my blog is almost always 10 p.m. (Shenzhen time) daily. The only exception to this is if I feature as guest blogger or writer elsewhere, in which case I’ll update when they do (which is the fairest thing to do in terms of reciprocal traffic with somebody who’s taken the time and energy to help promote Shards of China).

You can expect between 1 and 3 pieces on any given day, based on how busy I am and what I’m running at the time. There will always be 1 piece of China relevant content, anything else is a bonus. And thank you all for taking the time out, to look at Shards of China it really is appreciated.