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It's a Tiger Panda Dog from China, find out more about the Chinese and their attitude to pets by reading my article on ChinaShmina.

The ChinaShmina blog were the first people to take me up on my “Free Stuff” offer and the article I wrote for them went live today. It’s a great blog and worth taking a good look round.

My article is called; “China and Animals; A troubled relationship getting easier?”

And it starts like this;

This morning as I was walking down to my local coffee shop, I passed a Chinese restaurant gearing up for the New Year. On the pavement outside where meat is usually delivered, lay the carcasses of three dogs. Because while the official line is that the Chinese no longer really eat dogs, the truth is that Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) recommends consuming dog meat in the Winter because it warms the blood.

You can read the whole thing here: http://chinashmina.com/china-and-animals-366